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Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports

June 9 -June 16

Same OLe Same ole! Not much has changed in the last three weeks. Lakers have moved out alittle deeper like 115-125. Plenty of coho and kings in the 45-75 depth level. No Bait is really hot. I awlays just go back to basic baits Put some dodgers out both 0 and 00 kind Mix it up. Put 1 doddger on rigger and one on dipsy. Put a plastic blade on a rigger and on a dipsy. Put orange crush, monkey puke, blue doplin on my lead cores and coopers. Mix same spoons into the downrigger mix. If you get more than 1 fish on a certain bait. i would replicate it on another rod to see if you can figure out a pattern. Same with dodgers and a certian color fly.

Perch are in and around harbors. I fished the water reclaimation plant just north of navy pier and got my limit in about 3 hr. Small flat minnows where working but soft shell crab pieces where cathcing the bigger fish.

Steelhead Trout. I have heard reports from Michigan city Indiana that the summer steelhead run is in full swing. Guys are fishing right off the pier wall off trail creek. 15 fish where caught Saturday morning in just acouple of hours. The steelhead are stacked right out in front of Trail Creek Light House. Also perch fishing is smoking hot in 25-30 feet of water just east of Blue water tower.

I have charters tonight, Friday Saturday and Sunday. Ill try and update fishing report before weekend is out for those of you who are looking to get out on the water. If you do fish out of chicago area call me on marine radio channel 7.

We have openings this weekend. Our big boat is open Saturday morning and our 30 ft sea Ray is open in the afternoon. On Sunday our Big Boat is open in morning and afternoon and Sea Ray is open in Afternoon. I am still willing to give 75 bucks off regular price to anyone who books and mentions this blog. Tight Lines and God BLess!!

June 3-June 8

Still WOW fishing here in Chicago. We had 6 Charters this weekend and we limited out on lake trout on all our charters. 80 ft to 115 ft has been best. Smoke 0 dodger with spin and glow, chrome 0 dodger green crinkle and smoke 0 dodger and pumpkin seed fly. You can also get them on spoons purple or blue dolphin has worked. Remember to keep baits real close to bottom or bouncing bottom. Dont drag bottom you catch more zebra mussle's than fish. not to mention they nick up your line pretty bad. The silver's have been in the mix but alittle hard to get on the hook. We caught Coho's, kings and steelhead on all charters. But just not in the same quantity as the lake trout. Still running 2 rods on surface for coho and steelhead trout. red 00 doger blue fly has been best. On down rigger fishing in same water wrking the middle column wrking best. Mix superslims in with magnum spoons. No particular color is hot. Work the basics purple, blue's, greens and orange have all worked. On your dipsy's i've had my best luck with Fish catcher rotator Cracked ice with little boy blue fly high diver working it on a 3 setting about 40-60 feet of line out. We have another busy weekend ahead but have morning charters available saturday morning. If intrested call me 773 919-9544. i will give 75 dollars off my regular price if you mention you read my blog. Tight Lines and God Bless!!!

May 26- June 2

Double WOW WOW. Our Fishing Charter outings have been about as good as it can get. We Have been heading out of Belmont Harbor, Chicago Illinios at 60 degrees going about 6 miles which equates to about 65 feet of water and start trolling(fishing) East. There have been Cohos in the area from surface down to about 35-40 feet. Also mixed in are some steelies and kings. Best Baits Magnum Fuzzy Bule Dolphins Modified. Double orange crush have done well on surface and on sliders. 00 Red dodger and peanut fly have been working on high dipsy diver and higher downriggers. Also working is Chrome dodgers and green crinkle and Red 0 dodger and little blue boy. I have been setting my down riggers anywhere from 25 ft down to the bottom. Spread them out by 10 or 15 ft to cover water . If you seem to find a depth thats working better then other move another bait up but dont crowd that space. Use lead cores or cooper line to achieve same depth.

As we trolled(fishing) deeper into about 85-100 feet of water Lake Trout have been in abundance. They have been right on the bottom. Best Bait Chrome dodger 0 size and either a green crinkle or white fly also working is smoke dodger with spin and glow. They also been hitting some spoons. Green dolphins. Best trolling speed for lakers is 1.8-2.0. For everything else its been 2.1-2.5.

We caught 25 fish on each of our Charter Boats total of 50 fish Saturday morning. Sunday got 19 fish(only one boat out) Monday got 21 fish. Not Bad for fishing right off of Chicago's Lake Front. Call me if you would like to book a Fishing trip. I have also been doing open boat parties. Which just means i have been piece trips together for people that want to go fishing but cant get a group of 5 or 6. If you are a single or a couple and want to go fishing call me. I will do my best to get you out. Tight Lines and God Bless!!

May 3- May 25

WOW!!. I know its been acouple of weeks since i updated but have been busy catching fish. Fishing is RED HOT. It all depend on what you want to catch. Coho Salmon if you go up by wilmette stay close to shore like 12-20 ft in depth. Using small spoons like double Orange crush or Blue Dolphin. Use the super slim size. Aslo working is the ole faithful the 00 dodger and peanut fly. If you want to catch king salmon go out to 50 - 75ft of water and using regular size spoon to magnium size. Downrigger down from 30 to 60 down have been doing well. Best bite has been on my 170 ft of cooper line and my 10 colors of lead. Best spoon. Black Fin Tuna, Lemon Ice, Green Dolphin. If you want Lake trout go out to 80 ft and troll out to 120. Work the bottom with your downriggers. Best bite chrome dodger 0 size with either green crinkle or a green and glow spin and glow. MAKE SURE TO BE RIGHT ON BOTTOM. Dont drag bottom with your rigs just bounce it. You can also catch steehead and coho. Run sliders on your down riggers with spoons. Also run some surface rods with super slims and oo dodger and fly like you would if you were fishing close to shore. Tight Lines and God Bless

April 29-May 2

Once agian i fished out of Michigan City In. We went out to the deep spot and the coho's where stacked up. Which is a great sign that we should have a great coho fishery this summer. Also the bait is also stacked up close to shore. So once the two meet and the coho start feeding they should get bigger and bigger. The lake trout too where out there.

On Friday we fished just west, half way down towards the port of indiana. We where in about 50 ft of water and found some nice kings. They where caught mostly on downrigger's. Best bait was Purple dreamweaver spoon. We also got acouple of kings on 8 and 10 lead core rods with super slim carmel dolphin's.

Saturday. Tournament time. We thought ok big kings close to shore. Coho and lakers way offshore. Sea's where not to ruff. We decided to stay in close for the big kings. BAD IDEA. I can say that now but at the time we thought good idea. We set up and just about every other boat got kings on the set up. We didnt lift a rod for over 40 minutes. We debated going deep even at one time pulling lines and started heading out. Then we got a call say they where getting bigger kings just west of where we were fishing. 180 we did. Reset lines and still nothing. We saw boats to the left and to the right dippin nets. REALLY FUSTRATING. But fishing is fishing. We finally got a bite. Nice 7 pound king. We started to get fired up again. We had acouple of short bite and boated acouple of smaller kings. But that was it. not a very good show for the first day of tournament.

Sunday. Committed now to getting acouple of big fish we headed offshore in search for a monster Lake Trout. We started in about 220 ft water. Dropped our spin and glows to the bottom bounced it acouple of times and bam. Lake trout. Not the big one but definatly what we are looking for. We caught acouple more with acouple of coho's mixed in. Not the size of fish we knew we needed to win a prize but alot more fun than Saturday. We caught our 15 fish and wieghed in 12 for a total of 55 pounds. We ended up in like 22nd place out 30 boats. Better luck next year. I had a great fishing weekend and lots of laughs with the stewart family and cory. AS a cub fan says, Well get em next year.

We did have a charter Sunday out of chicago Capt Jamie took them out for us. He start fishing just off the Montrose Horse shoe and it didnt take long. He had acouple coho a brown, 2 steehead and 2 kings. Mostly on 00 dodger fly. Steelhead came in on thin fin. He had a Customer limit in 2hrs. Nice job Jamie. So fishing is very good in and around Chicago.

Anybody that wants to do a charter before May 16th I will give 100 bucks off our regular price.Take advatage of the good fishing close to shore. Tight Lines and God Bless!!!


April 24-28

I fished last friday out of Michigan City Indiana. We went about 18 miles out. Which put us at about 200. ft deep. Set surface baits, wire and briaded dipsy diver. ran downriggers and 5,8,10 color lead line. Our best bite was Surface rods with 00 red dodgers and peanut flys. mirage with blue, blue green and purple gold where best. We also caught fish on downriggers. We have the baits at 85, 100, 115 ft deep. All spoons. Pro-king purple and black was best on a free slider, where the base bait was down at 115. We caught boat limit of 30 fish. Mostly 2-3 pound coho salmon. We did catch acouple of King Salmon and 1 Steelhead Trout. We caught acouple of Lake Trout which we released due to not being in season.

Saturday Coho Classic mini Tournament. We had a shotgun start at 8 am. There was a total of 41 boats entered. 18 in the pro and 23 in amatuer. We headed out to our prefishing spot. Caught fish just like in practice. Flat lines caught first 3 fish and then the downriggers start to get hot. You can weight in your best 10 fish. So once we had our 10 Coho Salmon we decided to head to shallow water to see if we could find some King salmon. Went into about 60 ft of water just east of New Buffalo Michigan. We set lines start marking fish on the graph. The 1 bad thing was they where Lake trout. We caught acouple and released them. We where running out of time. So just pulled lines and went right in front of Michigan City Peir Heads. Set acouple of lines in 25 ft water but no bites. We wieghed in our 10 fish 26.3 lbs and put us in 8th place. The winner in the Pro Was Spen a Buck. With a total weight of 56 lbs. We just needed acouple of kings to put us in contention.

Sunday. Fished out in 150-200 ft of water same as saturday. We caught fish on flat lines with 00 red dodger and peanut fly. Riggers were quiet. Dipsy Diver took acouple of fish with red spin doctor mini and a blue/gold peanut fly.

Monday Tuesday Winds where stiff in the 15-20 out of north lake was to messy to get out.

Hopefully the south winds that are coming in on Wed thru Sat. will bring some warmer weather and settle down the shallow waters where all the bait is. This will help the King Salmon who are looking to Come into warmer water and feed on the bait. I will be fishing in Michigan City Thursady,FridaySaturday and Sunday. With Fishing the Coho Classic on Saturday and Sunday. I will Update on Monday with results.

Good Luck to all who are fishing in the Coho Classic. Tight Lines and God Bless

April 14-23

I have only fished acouple of times since last reoprt. Last Saturday we fished up by wilmette. We fished a Salmon Charter. We trolled from Evanston to Wilimette. Caught 3 Coho Salmon in about 22ft of water. 2 hit the dipsy diver with dodger fly. The other one hit flat line. We trolled north got as deep as 32 ft. Didnt get a bite so turned back towards shore. By now we where past the temple. We got back into the low 20's in deepth and bang. Caught 7 coho salmon. Most on flat lines with dodger fly but had a copper out about 70 ft with a j-11 rapala. orange in color. We trolled into about 12 ft of water. The clearity was murky at best. No bites Turned the boat south back toward chicago stayed in the 20-25 ft range and picked 4 more fish. Dipsy Diver got these fish. The only change was one of the divers had a dreamweaver spin doctor mini orange in color.

Fished last Sunday at the Chicago light. Trolled the insde the outer wall. Picked a fish here and there. Seemed like every pass we caught 1 fish. Mostly on flat lines. we fished for 3.1/2 hr and got 8 fish. all coho salmon.

Got report that East Chicago was catching coho's and acouple of kings mostly along inland steel wall and the just outside shipping canal. Purple stinger spoon was very good.

Michgan city In. People are no longer fishing the shore line. They are going offshore into 120-200 ft deep. YES 200 ft deep!!!. Getting them down deep as well as up high.

Waukegan Fishing was exactly the opposite people where fishing close to shore as possible. up to 10 ft deep. Fishing flat lines picking up nice 4 pound Coho Salmon.

Ill be fishing in the Michigan City Hoosier CLub Mini this weekend. I willl give all the highlights next week. Till then TIGHT LINES. God Bless.

Saukis Pride is finally floating. I Fished out of Chicago Sat night. Fished 21 ft of water straight out from harbor and trolled north. Note: For BOATS TROLLING do not get to close to SHORELINE because there are Powereliners fishing along shoreline from Belmont to Montrose horseshoe.l They have wieghts out up to 400-500 feet From shore.. These will get caught in your downriggers or worse yet in your props. I trolled from Belmont north almost to Pink Hotel. Got 4 bites brought in 3 fish. all coho's. The water was pretty murky especially if you got inside of 20 ft. Best Bait was Diver rod on a 3 setting with an 0 red dodger and a little boy blue out 15 feet. The other fish hit a flat line with a 00 red dodger and a green tinsel peanut fly.

Went out Sunday morning. Was planning on heading north up to Wilmette where gd number of coho have been reported caught. Was alittle to choppy for my family so we decided to just fish the Chicago Light. I fished the insde of the wall. We caught 2 coho's. They came on flat lines 00 red dodger and peanut fly one fly was green the other blue.

April 2-April 5th

The Kingfisher is floating. We brought the boat across the lake saturday morning. We started fishing right out of Michigan city. We picked up 5 fish right away. All on flat lines. Dodger and peanut fly's were best. We also caught fish on jointed j-11,s and thin fins. We Caught 15 cohos in indiana.

Keep Your baits high when trolling for coho's.

We did hear reports of some King Salmon being caught out in the 50-60 foot of water. On downrigger with spoons. If you have a good fish graph it will help locate where the Kings are in the water column!

We fished the Chicago Shoreline from 31 st to Belmont Harbor. It was early afternoon and the winds where 30 out of the west. The fishing was slow. We didnt get a bite till we hit the Chicago Light Wall. we fished both side. We had 3 bites and brought in 2 cohos. both on flat lines. 1 rainbow color thin fin and 1 on 00 dodger and copper peanut fly. As we trolled toward north ave beach we hit a 12lb. Lake trout. It hit a downrigger 10 feet out on a gold jointed j-11.

When we filet the fish we found that all the fish we caught in indiana had no fish in bellies but the 2 coho's we caught in Illinois water had alewives.

I will be out fishing this week and will update then. If you would like to sign up for my fish reports send me an email at


Week of March 22,2010

Ice is off the lake and people our getting out. The reports have been spotty.

Michigan City Indaina reports medium size coho in the 2-3 lb range caught right off the pier heads boats heading out have been doing well on Dodger and fly and body baits fished just below the surface behind planner boards. Red 00 dodger and green peanut fly. Red with black strips thin fins.


No Boats yet. Shore fisherman have been catching brown trout and cohos. Power liners doing best off of Montrose wall.