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 Chicago Fishing Information

Chicago Fishing Information 2008

Our fishing around Chicago allows for many types of fishing depending on the Season

April 15th - June 1  Salmon and trout.  When the fish are near shore limit catches of Coho Salmon are possible.

June 1- July 30th   Salmon and Trout and Perch.  As the summer starts and the water warms the bait fish move offshore.  The size of the fish and the numbers increase as the fish set up . well offshore 5-12 miles offshore.

August 1 - October 30th Salmon and Trout feed on the abundant bait fish around our south basin.  The Size of fish grow substantially and we can get fish up to 28 lbs.

We recommend anytime after May 12th to start a trip in the Chicago area.

Morning trips and afternoon trips each have their benefits.  Depending on the day each can be better than the other.  The evening trips are also very good times as the salmon turn on right before sundown.

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